Saint Andrew United Church of Christ, Louisville, KY

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A welcoming, all-inclusive, “Open and Affirming” congregation.
2608 Browns Lane, Louisville, KY 40220
Telephone: 502-452-1777 Website:

Convention Address by the Rt. Rev. Stephen T. Lane, Bishop of Maine

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Bishop Stephen T. Lane offers his annual address to the 195th Convention of the Episcopal Diocese of Maine on October 25, 2014, at the University of Maine, Presque Isle.

Arizona Outreach 2017 The Father’s House Church

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Sharing the Gospel at the Slavic Thanksgiving Festival hosted by Slavic Christian Church of Arizona.

Music by
The Father’s House Church band

Evangel Temple Full Gospel Church Savannah Ga. Nov,23,2009 Sermon Part 1 of 3

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Thanksgiving Sermon Nov, 23, 2009, By Pastor David Marchant Sr.
Evangel Temple Full Gospel Church Sunday Morning Service 10:00 A.M.

Unity Service at The Point Church (Sunday, February 3, 2013)

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In this video, it shows our Unity Service here at The Point Church in San Jose, CA in the main sanctuary. Pastor Victor Galicia was our special speaker. He is a phenomenal preacher and brought an inspiring message and helped us see from God’s perspective the importance of reaching our neighborhood with the story of Jesus. This was after the sermon. Following the service was a pizza fellowship luncheon at the gym.

Songs sung in the video included “God Of This City”, and “Our God Is An Awesome God”. (Sunday, February 3, 2013)

Internet Ministry – A New Wave? (Northland Church – Orlando, Florida) – Short and Hat

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Online Outreach 2.0

The ever-growing world of information is shrinking the borders of the world of news, travel, and now… ministry. Northland Church (A Church Distributed) in North Orlando, Florida has taken a new approach to reaching out by sending their message, music, and even worship teams to locations across the city, but also the world. This may not sound impressive at first to those that connect to churches by watching a live stream on a website, but keep reading.

Northland Church send a live feed of not only video, but also channels of click-track, drums, bass, and whatever other instruments a live location needs to know that they’re in-sync with the worship of a body of Christians all across the world. They’ve connected with correctional facilities, home churches, other communities, individuals, and other satellite locations to create a ‘virtually’ unrestricted church growth model.
Too Much Tech, Not Enough Touch

Skeptics may challenge the lack of connection the virtual participants receive, but Northland has delegated a fulltime pastor to the online community to pray for, minister, answer questions, connect, and love the church.

New Orleans church grants sanctuary to undocumented immigrant

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On Nov. 15, 2017, First Grace United Methodist Church in New Orleans announced that it was granting sanctuary to Jose Torres, the father of two small daughters who is at risk of being deported out of the United States.