Fallon NV to Lovelock NV Fulltime RV Living

Fallon NV to Lovelock NV Fulltime RV Living

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10 thoughts on “Fallon NV to Lovelock NV Fulltime RV Living”

  1. Boy you hit up all the hot spots in nevada,it's only green because of irrigation otherwise nothing but sage and rabbit brush and tumble weeds,if it wasn't for tahoe and the sierrasI never would have moved here .

  2. Last year I made a wrong turn due to my GPS and ended up going a few miles down a single lane road looking for a place to turn around.

    Finally gave up looking and stopped, unhooked my car from the RV, turned the RV around and hooked up the car to the RV and went on my way. Only time I've had to do that but I've only been RVing for about 3 years.

    I've talked to some RVers who've said they had to unhook their vehicles several times when they couldn't find a place to turn around.

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